By Stephanie Yang, Account Director, Hoffman Taiwan

On a burning hot summer day, Hoffman Taiwan held a housewarming party at our new office — which happens to have one of the best views of Taipei.

View of taipei skyline from Hoffman Taiwan's new office

The photo above, fit for a postcard, was taken from our office on the 30th floor during the big event.

Our team and client base in Taiwan have grown rapidly over the past year. Starting with three staff members, we’re now making noise in the marketplace. With this in mind, we decided that it’s time to let Taiwan’s tech and PR industry know that we are here and invite them to take a spin around our new office.

Our dear friends from the media and industry as well as members from the Agency’s regional team joined us to celebrate this special day. Everyone toured the office as we shared the thoughts behind the design elements. Clients, friends and team mingled — I’m guessing 70 people or so — creating an amazing vibe in the room with laughter and a glass of wine or two.

This video offers a virtual tour of the office:

Let me try to capture and share that vibe with you.

Naturally, everyone noticed our Periodic Table of Storytelling when passing by. With this as a talking point, we invited guests to write a story that reflected the moment from their perspective.

Stephanie Yang showing off Periodic Table of Business Storytelling at Hoffman Taiwan

To add a local touch, we served our beloved Taiwanese street food (Taiwanese fried chicken and egg pancakes) along with Hoffman cupcakes.

Taiwanese crispy fried chicken with green Hoffman cupcakes

Everyone enjoyed cocktails from the bartenders we “borrowed” from one of Taipei’s well-known bars and who invented a Hoffman Taiwan Signature cocktail.

Bartender mixing drinks

People mingling at Hoffman Taiwan open house

Welcome to Hoffman Taiwan

After a day of excitement, lots of laughter and too many rounds of toasting to count, everyone had a good time, and the office-warming party was a success.

We love our new office. Every corner inspires us and reminds us of Hoffman’s value and culture. This core spirit and mindset keep our minds open.

Equally important, we intend to stay weird as weirdness plays a part in who we are. We’re different.

So that’s our story.

Hoffman Taiwan is here (抵家)!

And we’re on a mission to capture the humanity in the stories as we believe “The Story Is Always There.

In that spirit, I’m closing with one of our TikTok videos from the open house.

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