How to Land PR Jobs

By Mark Pinsent, Managing Director, Europe, The Hoffman Agency

Over the past few months I’ve been doing a fair bit of recruitment here at Hoffman Europe. I’ve seen a lot of potential candidates. Some have impressed (two so much they now have jobs here), others less so. Over the past 20+ years working in PR and marketing agencies, I’ve interviewed hundreds of people. The happy chappy pictured above, my good friend Stephen ‘Wadds’ Waddington, has interviewed even more. We’ve got stories that cover the good, the bad, and the “you’re not allowed to say that…”

We’ve got a vested interest in helping to bring good, bright, curious young people into the industry. But I’m not always convinced that what people think is the best way to impress at interview very closely aligns to what the likes of Wadds and I are looking for.

So, because we’re helpful sorts, we’ve agreed to spend an evening passing on some of our perspectives, stories and advice to the (hopefully) next generation that will drive the industry forwards. September 26th is the date, Runway East in Finsbury Square, London, is the venue. The good people at Hanson Search are kindly covering the costs. I believe there’ll be a few drinks floating about, maybe even some crisps.

I can promise you some engaging chat, a few laughs, and some useful advice. The rest is up to you. You can sign up for a ticket here.

After the event, I’ll no doubt pen a follow-up post with some reflections on how it went.


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