Rohan Mehta pr intern

By Rohan Mehta, Intern

Hi everyone! My name’s Rohan, and I’m in the intern cohort! A bit about me — I just graduated with a degree in Public Relations from Boston University. I love sports (football, basketball and the likes), binging anime or TV shows and listening to music. I love cooking too (not the best at it) and dabble in photography.

Upon graduating, I was really drawn to The Hoffman Agency because of the great learning opportunity it presented. But as I spoke to Tori, Mikaela, Brooklynn and the rest of the team during my interviews, I began looking forward to working with a group of nice people in an environment that seemed to be extremely supportive. Leaving university, I was nervous about getting into the corporate world, but my experience with everyone I interacted with at Hoffman eased my concerns a lot.

Starting work was kind of scary with all the emails and onboardings, but two weeks in, I feel pretty good about everything now. I got to meet the Boston team, and they’re all really lovely! Entering PR in a professional setting after studying it for years felt strange especially because of my lack of real experience in both PR and the semiconductor industry. However, as I spend more time learning about the industry and my clients, I feel a lot more comfortable.

During the internship I’m really looking forward to getting into the more traditional side of PR — stuff like media lists, action items etc. — and growing my love for digital. I also want to develop my understanding of B2B PR (I have 0 experience) and my knowledge of the tech, a new industry which I had no exposure to.

After work, my go-to activity is a walk down to the Charles River, which is about 15 minutes from my house. There, I often sit at a bench and listen to some music. Other than that, I cook, watch Netflix and hang out with friends whenever I can. I’m thinking about getting back into studying languages in my spare time, building on my very basic Spanish and potentially also picking up a fun hobby like maybe DJ-ing (I’m not sure just yet).

Anyhow, I hope (and know) that my time at Hoffman is going to be absolutely wonderful, and I look forward to making tons of friends while here!

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