By: Aaron Whitaker – Account Coordinator at The Hoffman Agency

At The Hoffman Agency, one of the first steps we take when developing a public relations plan for our clients is to create a story and narrate it to our respective audiences. Whether they’re tech journalists, government officials or bloggers, we use the power of storytelling to make our content compelling and engaging for our readers. Large corporations, on the other hand, often employ what is known as “Corporate Speak” — jargon that, while scholarly in tone, can be difficult to comprehend.

To make the juxtaposition between storytelling and corporate speak a bit easier to follow, we’ve created an infographic citing adjectives and phrases that a storyteller might use versus their corporate-speaking counterpart. While both methods have their benefits and drawbacks, choosing which to use ultimately comes down to who your audience is and how you can best interest them in a particular topic of discussion.

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