This Week in PR

What cardinal blogging sins are you committing? Are cats the fundraising key that you are missing? How much of a Google Analytics pro are you? Check out the Hoffman team’s favorite PR blog posts from this week:

  1. We all knew that cats hold some mystical power over the Internet, but who knew they also hold that same power over wallets? Here’s the proof. PR Daily reported on a medical school’s cat meme promotion on social media that raised over $2,000 and reached 37,219 people. Not bad for the whole campaign costing only $50. This just goes to show that a little creativity and a small budget can actually achieve results.
  1. How do you manage a team that goes beyond country borders? PR News shares four tips for managing a geographically diverse team. As Hoffman is also a global company, this article really resonated with us. One tip that stuck out? The open call policy. A few minutes on the phone really can mean the difference between success and a huge mistake.
  1. All PR pros should have a basic knowledge Google Analytics. The tool provides a variety of insights, including how well your online communication to the public is going. The Shift PR Blog created a quiz to see if your Google Analytics knowledge is up to snuff. Just because you aren’t in school anymore doesn’t mean there won’t be a test!
  1. In a world full of dating apps, Oscar Mayer had to add in its two cents in a bizarre publicity move. PR Newser reported that Oscar Mayer created an app for Bacon Lovers called Sizzl. It certainly is creating a buzz, but not necessarily the good kind. Although the app is over-the-top lighthearted, the head of marketing is taking the app seriously — a bold move that doesn’t seem to be panning out.
  1. What blogging faux pas have you been making? The Meltwater Blog identifies the five blogging mistakes that make your readers switch off. A quick refresher for blogging veterans or a good guideline for beginners to follow, this post can make you think critically about specific posts and the overall direction of your or your client’s blog.

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