By Esha Lotey

The Hoffman Agency, London

As a junior consultant at Hoffman Europe’s London office, I am responsible for various tasks depending on the particular request of my clients and team. I generally engage in media relations and account co-ordination. Until recently, however, I had yet to work on or attend an influential trade conference. My first opportunity came this past week when I helped our new client Ipswitch co-ordinate activities for its participation at IP Expo.

My responsibilities included creating a media briefing document and liaising with journalists to meet Ipswitch so that they could learn about the latest update to WhatsUp Gold, a pretty clever network management monitoring tool.

IP Expo - Technology Trade Show in London

We arranged six briefings for Ipswitch including a top-tier business IT title, Information Age. Although it was a challenge to juggle the schedules of the journalists’ meetings, it nevertheless proved invaluable as the respective journalists all proved eager to develop further relationships with Ipswitch.

I attended the first busy day of the IT trade show in Earls Court, London. The vibrancy of the event was good to witness as it had a mixture of businesses attending from small tech start-ups to well-known global businesses. Around the exhibition stands were keynotes and seminar sessions, a hub to learn about the key industry trends, product demos and Q&A presentations by several companies. As the first exhibition day closed, Ipswitch hosted a social networking session at its stand. I particularly enjoyed chatting with the client on a less formal basis as well as having the chance to ask additional questions on network monitoring.

In short, this key technology event shouldn’t be missed on our calendar!


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