Daisy and Zorro – Two Adorable Reasons for Working on a Saturday

By Sara Staffaroni

The Hoffman Agency, San Jose

I will admit, my ideal Saturday morning is catching up on my favorite TV shows in my PJs, while overdosing on pumpkin pancakes and drinking them down with a cappuccino in a cereal bowl (like the French).

But for 2013, I have decided to dedicate my Saturday mornings to joining others to make a difference for a cause I truly care about – helping animals who suffered abuse find loving homes.

Now, I volunteer for the Lucky Dog Rescue, a non-profit based in the Bay Area that rescues dogs from high kill shelters, and fosters them while looking for permanent stable homes.

This past Saturday, at the adoption event, I was assigned to a really special young lady named Daisy, a Chihuahua with so much energy and spunk (below). 

Sara and Daisy

(Me with Daisy trying to stay warm)

Unfortunately Daisy did not find a new family that day, but she did make a new friend named Zorro.

Zorro was brought to a shelter with a broken leg, but that didn’t stop him from showcasing his jumping skills to every passerby.  

Daisy and Zorro

(Daisy and Zorro exchanging hellos)

Moral of the story? Don’t waste away your Saturday mornings; get out there and support a cause you truly care for. Besides, there is always Sunday for pumpkin pancakes. 

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